March 21, 2015

YES Talks – Previous Editions

1st YES Talk (2014) – Pain Medicine



The I edition of the YES Talks took place on March 27th, 2014, at ICBAS/FFUP, subscribed to the theme of Pain Medicine. Approximately 300 medical and pharmaceutical students attended the lecture. The talk explored the progression of pain, from its origin to its cessation mechanisms, namely therapeutic approaches. It consisted of two lectures culminating in a final discussion moment between the speakers and the audience.

Firstly, Professor José Castro Lopes, tenured professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP) and responsible for the creation of the first Pain Medicine Cathedra, spoke enthusiastically about the fisiopathological mechanisms of pain.

Secondly, Professor Daniel Moura, also a tenured professor and director of the Doctoral Programme for Experimental and Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology at FMUP, exposed the current options and advances in pain management.




2nd YES Talk (2015) – Interventional Radiology

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The II edition of the YES Talks took place on April 15th, 2015, at the Almeida Garrett Library in Porto.  Almost 200 medical students from FMUP and ICBAS gathered in the main auditorium to attend a lecture on Interventional Radiology (IR), addressing both the present reality and future boundaries of this clinical (sub)specialty of Radiology.

The talk counted firstly with a lecture from Dr. Nuno Silva, interventional radiologist at the Radiology Service of Centro Hospitalar São João, where he interactively explained the current wide applications of this ever-growing medical field, as well as some of its more used tecniques, with the use of videos recorded in his radiology service.

After a filling coffee-break, the talk continued with an interview with Dr. Miguel Madureira, where the physician and interventional radiology assistant from Centro Hospitalar São João took the time to answer questions from the participants regarding the future of IR, both in prospects of becoming its own medical specialty and widening its areas of action with new and exciting applications for their techniques, as well as using novel technology to improve the standard of care.




3rd YES Talk (2016) – Reaching for the Heart

The III edition of the YES Talks took place on the 27th of April 2016, at Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett, in Porto. On this afternoon dedicated to Cardiology, over 200 biomedical students had the opportunity to attend a lecture given by Professor Alain Carpentier, world renowned cardiologist who performed the very first artificial heart implant in Europe and was recognized with the prestigious 2007 Lasker Award. The Professor brought his expertise on the artificial heart, having exposed to the audience its challenges throughout its production as well as its major potentialities.

After the coffee-break, the students learnt from Dr. João Lima, professor of Medicine, Radiology and Epidemiology in the acclaimed Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and pioneer cardiologist in the Cardiac Imagiology field. An exclusive journey through the behind the scenes of the cutting edge clinical investigation world was provided, guiding the audience through the complex universe of Cardiac Imagiology.

Furthermore, and for the first time, a Clinical Competition about Cardiology, The Fastest Beat, was organized, giving the students the chance to win a free entry to the 11th YES Meeting.