June 23, 2016


General Information:

Schedule: Saturday, 14h45 & 17h00
Lecturers: Rui Vaz, MD PhD | Armando Fernandes, MSc
Level: A

Workshop’s Description:

Deep Brain Stimulation is becoming more and more important in the field of neurology. Learn the targets (thalamus, subthalamic nucleus, globus pallidus) and build your own path through the cerebral pathways involved. You will also learn the technique of electrode placement and how to surgically treat the clinical manifestations of movement disorders (Parkinson, Dystonia).

No lab coat is required!

About our Lecturers:

  • Rui Vaz, MD PhD – Full Professor at Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto; Director of the Neurosurgery Department, CHSJoão; Coordinator Center for Neuroscience, CUF Porto; Honorable mention: Bial Award for Clinical Medicine
  • Armando Fernandes, MSc – Sales Manager DBS & NS, Medtronic Portugal; Degree in Biomedical Engineer, Instituto Superior Técnico.

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