August 31, 2016


General Information:

Schedule: Sunday, 16h00
Lecturers: António Roma Torres, MD, MSc | Jorge Pelicano

Workshop’s Description:

“Pára-me de repente o pensamento / Suddenly my thoughts halt” (2014) – – is a Portuguese movie directed by Jorge Pelicano, half a documentary about the life on a psychiatric hospital, half a fiction about a player, Miguel Borges, in voluntary residence there for three weeks, preparing to act as a character of an actual mental patient that was also a known poet from the group of Fernando Pessoa, Ângelo Lima (1872-1921), from whose poem the movie title came. Our workshop intends to use its “polyphonic” (Bakhtin) construction by watching some selected movie sequences and in a dialogue between a filmmaker and a psychiatrist and movie critic confronting different but complementary approaches about mental health, mainly the medical, scientific one and the aesthetic and dramatic point of view, with different senses of objectivity/subjectivity and the use of time in a conversation.

No lab coat is required!

About our Lecturers:

  • António Roma Torres, MD, MSc – Psychiatrist, Family Therapist and Psychodramatist, Head of Psychiatry and Mental Health Clinic of Hospital de São João (Oporto), member co-founder of Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations (FEPTO), Board Member (2001-2009) of International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (IAGP), research and clinic on eating and obsessive-compulsive disorders, film critic in Voz Portucalense (1971-1974), Jornal de Notícias (1975-2001) and cinema magazine A Grande Ilusão (1984-1996). Books: CINEMA PORTUGUÊS, ANO GULBENKIAN (1974), CINEMA, ARTE E IDEOLOGIA (org., 1975), CINEMA SAÚDE DOENÇA (org., 2010), O REI DA ÁUSTRIA (drama, 2014) e NOVO CÉU (drama, 2014).
  • Jorge Pelicano – Portuguese documentary filmmaker. “Ainda há pastores?” (2006) was Pelicano’s first feature film that won more than ten national and international awards. In 2009 he debuted “Pare, Escute, Olhe”, a militant film about the Tua railway line and on which he won three awards in DocLisboa 2009, including Best Portuguese Documentary. During the time he worked as an image reporter in SIC Portuguese broadcast (2001-2012), Jorge Pelicano was one of the creators and director of a documentary series called “Momentos de Mudança”, a program that broke traditional TV’s journalism format, by introducing the concept of cinematic journalism. He is currently involved in several documentary projects in the portuguese production company Até ao Fim do Mundo. Filmography: PARE, ESCUTE, OLHE (2009) | Documentary, 102 min. AINDA HÁ PASTORES? (2006) | Documentary, 73 min PÁRA-ME DE REPENTE O PENSAMENTO (2014) | Documentary, 98 min


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