August 27, 2016


General Information:

Schedule: Sunday, 16h00
Lecturers: Ana Catarina Fragoso, MD PhD | Juan Tovar, MD PhD
Level: A

Workshop’s Description:

Surgical infants and children cannot be treated as though they were diminutive adult patients” said Ladd and Gross in 1941. In fact, a child with a surgical disease must be managed by a pediatric surgeon who have acquired differentiated specialty skills. This workshop will take you to a different level of Surgery, e.g. the field of Pediatric Surgery.

No lab coat is required!

About our Lecturers:

  • Ana Catarina Fragoso, MD PhD – Specialty in pediatic surgery in 2009. Pediatric surgeon consultant at Hospital S. João, Porto- Portugal. Coordinator of surgical neonatology. Research fellowship at Laboratório de Malformaciones congénitas (INGEMM, Idipaz – Hospital Universitario La Paz) in Madrid (2011-2013). Doctorate in Medicine in 2015. Associate professor of Surgery at Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, Portugal.
  • Juan Tovar, MD PhD – Professor Juan Tovar is a pediatric surgeon with over 40 years of experience. He graduated in Salamanca University Medical School in 1966 and he obtained his PhD in the University of Valladolid, 1970. Soon after that, he became the Chief of Pediatric Surgery at the Aranzazu Univrsity Hospital, San Sebastián, Spain (1977-1991) and then Surgeon-in-chief and Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, La Paz University Hospital, Madrid, Spain (1992 until retirement in 2014). His academic carrer does not stand back. He is the (co)Author of 547 peer-reviewed papers and of 102 book chapters in the fields of Pediatrics, Surgery or Pediatric Surgery. He is also an associate Editor of the European Journal of Pediatric Surgery.