August 18, 2016


General Information:

Schedule: Saturday, 14h45 & 17h00
Lecturers: Bruno Guimarães, MD | Maria Dulce Madeira, MD PhD
Level: C

Anatomy Department, FMUP

Workshop’s Description:

If medicine is a big book, anatomy is its own vocabulary. This workshop aims to show how can you approach and dominate human body through Anatomy dissection. Learn and test your dissection skills, and see live the results that your hands and a scalpel can have!

Lab coat is required!

About our Lecturers:

  • Bruno Guimarães, MD – Medical Doctor (General Resident); Invited Assistant of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine University of Porto (FMUP); Researcher in Anatomy Department, Medical Education and Simulation Department and CINTESIS of FMUP.  His main scientific areas of interest are: Anatomy, Anatomy Dissection, Clinical Anatomy, Medical Education, and Medical Informatics.
  • Maria Dulce Madeira, MD PhD