July 28, 2016


General Information:

Schedule: Sunday, 16h00
Lecturers: Célia Cruz, PhD | Daniel Pozza, DDS, PhD
Level: C

Workshop’s Description:

This practical workshop will feature cutting, staining and mounting procedures of histologic preparations. We will use hematoxilin-eosin, the classical staining that is routinely used on the study of normal and pathological tissues.

Lab coat is required!

About our Lecturers:

  • Célia Cruz, PhD – Biology gradutation in 2000, by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto; Accepted by the Gulbenkian PhD Program in Biomedicine in the same year; PhD in 2007 by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto; Assistant Professor at the same institution since then, with responsibilities at the pre- and post-graduation levels; Tenure in 2011; During PhD, studied the role of the activation of signaling pathways in spinal cord neurons in chronic pathological conditions; Currently interested in the neuroplastic changes of neuronal circuits regulating visceral function that allow the adaptation to chronic pathologies.
  • Daniel Pozza, DDS, PhD – Bachelor of Dental Science, Faculty of Dentistry of PUCRS, Brazil; Master Degree in Dental Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry of Porto, Portugal; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, CFO, Brazil; Phd in Dentistry, Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil; Post-Doctoral in Pain, Faculty of Medicine of Porto, Portugal; Professor in: Faculty of Medicine of Porto (Portugal), Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science (Portugal), European University of Madrid (Spain) and 32 Senses Academy (Portugal).