July 28, 2016


General Information:

Schedule: Sunday, 16h00
Lecturers: Davide Carvalho, MD PhD | Josué Pereira, MD | Irene Bernardes, MD | Ana Saavedra, MD | Maria Manuel Costa, MD | Rita Bettencourt Silva, MD
Level: B

Workshop’s Description:

Have you ever wondered how such a small gland as the pituitary can have so much influence over your body? And how its downregulation leads to severe diseases? In this workshop, through clinical cases, you will be able to learn more about pituitary disfunction, having the opportunity to discuss them with a multidisciplinary team.

No lab coat is required!

About our Lecturer:

  • Davide Carvalho, MD PhD – Head of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolismo, CHSJoão; Founder of the European Endocrine Society; President of the Portuguese Society of the Study of Obesity from 2009 to 2013.
  • Josué Pereira, MD – Attending in Neurosurgery, CHSJoão; Master of Faculty of Medicine University of Oporto
    Neurosurgery’s responsible for surgery of supra sellar and sellar regions/pituitary gland at CHSJoão; Responsible for the introduction of Neuroendoscopic Surgery at CHSJoão; Multiple presentations in scientific meetings and several scientific reports published in national and international journals.