YES Meeting takes place in the city of Porto, elected Best European Destination of 2014 and 2017! With an Historic centre listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996, this city is characterized by its medieval Dom Luis I Bridge (designed by Gustave Eiffel and Teófilo Seyrig), wine and views among so many innumerable others.

The Douro River is an intrinsic part of its scenery, separating it from Vila Nova de Gaia. Port Wine, one of Portugal's internationally famous exports, is named after this city and stored in the cellars across the river. All this wealth of monumental and artistic heritage, open-air leisure spaces and cultural life give this city its known vivacity and joy.

How to get to Porto?

Porto has an international airport, Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, and two train station, Porto-Campanha and Porto-São Bento, that easily allows you to come to our congress from other cities such as Lisbon, Braga and Coimbra.

When planning your trip to Porto, you’ll have several options you can consider:

Travelling by Plane

You can travel by plane to Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, at Porto and easily arrive at the heart of the city by Metro or Bus. You can buy your tickets at TAP Air Portugal, our official carrier, and enjoy up to 15% discount. Learn more about this discount and the Terms and Conditions.

Travelling by Bus

There are several stops spread all over the city, each with a big board with timetable and itinerary of the buses that stop there. Once you get on the bus you must validate your "Andante" or buy a travel directly from the driver.

Travelling by Metro

Look for the "M" signs to find a Metro station. You'll need a charged "Andante" and to validate it on the station. All stations display the final destination and the estimated time of arrival of the metro, as well as a map with the different lines (A-E) and directions.

Travelling by Train

By Train: You can arrive directly at the heart of the city by Train, with CP - Comboios de Portugal. With two central stations, Porto - Campanhã and Porto - São Bento, both connected to the rest of the city by Metro and Bus, you can easily arrive from other cities such as Lisbon, Braga and Coimbra.

CP - Comboios de Portugal will offer a 30% discount in all two way tickets to Porto in Intercity Trains (Intercidades), between the 12th and the 17th of September. The ticket is refundable (for more information please check CP Terms and Conditions) and it is available at the stations, or on the trains if the stations don't have a commercial service – check their website for more information on the lines and schedules:

*The mentioned discount is only valid upon presentation of proof of registration and personal ID. Please ask for the CP Proof of Registration via email to

**This offer is not valid with any other discount.

How to get to the 13th YES Meeting (FMUP/CHSJOAO)

Faculty of Medicine of Porto's University (FMUP) is located on Alameda Prof. Hernâni Monteiro, 4200-319 (Porto). YES Meeting takes place in CIM (Centro de Investigação Médica da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto), which belongs to FMUP and is on Doutor Plácido da Costa Street, 4200-450 (Porto).

To get there by public transportation:
  • Metro: catch the D line (yellow), direction to "Hospital de São João" and exit at "IPO". Depending on where you're at, if the "D" line doesn't cover that area, you'll need to catch a metro of any line available going to the stop "Trindade" and then change to the D line, direction "Hospital de São João". With "Campus São João - Galeria Comercial" on your left, go straight forward for about five minutes until the end of the street. Then you'll find on your left CIM/FMUP.

  • Bus: Here you have a link with many buses that stop at Hospital S.João (However, please note that YES Meeting is on CIM, which is behind the hospital, so you can easily get there on foot!).

  • To CIM (Centro de Investigação Médica da FMUP): Leave at FEP1 stop, FEUP2 stop or ESED2 stop.

If you're planning to move around by bus and/or metro, you should definitely buy a "Andante Card". You can charge it almost everywhere: at the airport, metro and train stations and kiosks and it will allow you to move all around the city. You must validate it every time you travel and it is valid for an hour, allowing you to change between transports without being charged again. However, you must validate it every time you change vehicles and do not need to on your way out.


From 23rd to 24th June, a feeling of constant festivity invades Porto and brings together thousands of locals, tourists and visitors ready to celebrate one of the most striking traditional festivals of Europe - the Bonfires of Saint John.

The academic tradition of the Queima das Fitas is a festive week which takes place every year during May. The Academic Procession is one of the highlights of Queima das Fitas and it has also became a real tourist attraction. The finalists with top hat, cane and briefcase with color ribbons, according to the course they are attending, parade through the streets, along with other colleagues costumed with gown or the t-shirts of the study programme. All courses have their thematic allegorical car.

Gastronomy, Port Wine and the Douro River

  • In Porto you can try the best of the country's traditional cuisine. There is a clear emphasis on the seafood and fish specialties and locals have developed a genuine cult of tripe stew, which gave them the justified nickname of "tripe eaters".

    • Francesinha (meaning Little Frenchie) is a Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto, made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with french fries.



      It is a very popular dish in Porto and is associated with the city, although it can be found elsewhere in Portugal. Downtown you can try Francesinha at Café Santiago, Cervejaria Brasão, Bufete Fase, Al Forno, Lado B and Yuko.Académico Café and Tappas Caffé are close to FMUP (and Hospital S.João).
      However, if you'd rather eat near Ribeira, there are nice restaurants such as Ar d'Rio.

    • Tripas is an icon of the local cuisine. It consists of a stew or soup made of tripe and sundry other ingredients (vegetables - beans in particular - sausages, spices). Briefly put, is a must-try for anyone wanting to know the local flavors of Porto in their most intimate expression.

    • Cod fish is ever-present on locals' tables. Bacalhau is a specialty consisting basically of dried salted cod fish, and the authenticity of the dish is guaranteed by the centuries-old traditional recipes.
  • Timed tested, aged in wood, full in colour, rich in body and tempting in flavour, Port wine indulges the senses and delights every soul. It is one of the greatest classic European wines with a history as long as fascinating and a quality as good as gold.

    Carefully produced in the mountainous reaches of the Douro Valley, it astonishes in every style - from the intense berry fruit flavours of a Ruby or a Late Bottled Vintage to the rich mellowness of an Aged Tawny or the complexity of a Vintage Port, these are always recommended for toasting to life.

  • You can enjoy many of this typical dishes by the Douro River, one of the major rivers flowing through the Iberian Peninsula, crossing from central-northern Spain into Portugal to its outlet at Porto. A Unesco World Heritage site since 2001, the Douro is a majestic wilderness, one of the oldest demarcated wine regions in the world, also known for its sweeping beauty and serenety.

    Vila Nova de Gaia is just across the river from Porto, and is geared up for guests, offering plenty of touring and tasting opportunities! So don't miss yours, go for a walk there and enjoy the food and wonderful views the Douro has to offer!


Porto Nightlife

While staying in Porto, you can not miss what this amazing city has to offer you when the lights go out! If you feel like enjoying a glass of wine in good company, under the contagious spirit of Porto and dancing between bars these are the places you're looking for: Galeria de Paris Bar and Restaurant, Adega Leonor, Café Piolho D'Ouro, Maus Hábitos, Plano B, Base Porto, Porto Tónico or Flow Restaurant & Bar. If you rather be dancing your heart out in a club, try Boîte, Boulevard Porto, Eskada Porto, Kasa da Praia, Via Rápida or Pitch Club. You should first check on the internet the parties scheduelled for each place!

We hope you enjoy your stay in this majestic city with so much to offer and live! Enjoy the 13th edition of the YES Meeting while exploring every corner of Porto. You won't regret it!