May 4, 2017

Traveling in Porto

Andante Card

If you’re planning to move around by bus and metro, you should definitely buy an Andante. You can charge it with single or multiple journeys, saving money instead of paying each journey inside the bus. You can buy and charge the Andante Card almost everywhere in the city. At the airport, metro and train stations, some bus stops, kiosks, Pay Shop agents (look for the red flags on newspaper shops, buildings or coffees) and many other places.

Traveling by Metro

Look for the “M” signs to find a Metro station. To travel on the Metro you just need to have an Andante Card.

Picking the right direction

Once you are in a station it’s time for you to pick the direction you want to go. All stations are equipped with an electronic display showing the final destination and the estimated arrival time of the train.

  • “A” line (blue): between Senhor de Matosinhos and Estágio do Dragão;
  • “B” line (red): between Póvoa de Varzim and Estádio do Dragão;
  • “C” line (green): between ISMAI and Campanhã;
  • “D” line (yellow): between Hospital de São João and Santo Ovídio;
  • “E” line (purple): between Airport and Estádio do Dragão;
  • “F” line (orange): between Senhora da Hora and Fanzeres.


Ticket validation

Keep in mind that your ticket is valid for 1 hour after validation, but every time you change lines you need to validate it on the automatic yellow machines, before entering the train. You’ll only be charge once within that hour. Do not validate when you are on your way out.[1]

Traveling by Bus

There are many stops all over the city and each one has a big board with the timetable and itinerary of the buses that stop there. Once you get inside the bus it’s time to validate your Andante by passing it in front of the machine, activating the magnetic system and charging you for the ride. During a period of one hour that journey is active and you can change to other bus, metro or train without being charged again, although you do have to pass the card through the machine when you change transport.

Other tips and recommendations

  • If needed, raise your arm when the bus you want to catch is coming. This way, the driver will know that you want to get inside;
  • Inspectors do come inside the bus asking for your (validated) ticket.[2]