August 31, 2016


Sylvia-Fernandes-BojOrganoids Session

Patient-derived organoids for drug sceening and development
Scientific Director, HUB Foundation


Dr. Sylvia F Boj received her PhD in 2006 at the University of Barcelona, Spain. With a long term EMBO fellowship, she subsequently joined the Hubrecht Institute (Utrecht, the Netherlands) as a postdoctoral fellow. She first studied the role of TCF7L2 regulating metabolism, using several transgenic mouse models. Then, she established human pancreas organoids from tumor resections.

In 2014, she started working as a group leader at the HUB foundation for Organoid Technology (Utrecht, the Netherlands). More recently, in 2016, she was appointed as scientific director of the HUB foundation, with the ultimate goal of transferring scientific advances of the organoid technology to the development of new drugs and clinical trials.

Her lecture will focus on organoid 3D growth systems which were devised for studying the role of adult stem cell function and cell differentiation. The organoid models essentially contribute an in-vitro mini organ setting that allows the expansion of normal and tumour patient-derived cells. The generation of ‘Living Organoid Biobanks’ from patients will provide a valuable platform for drug development. The possible value of organoids for predicting therapy responses for patients is currently being assessed.

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

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