August 31, 2016


JDOrganoids Session

Emergence: a guiding concept for development, synthetic biology and tissue engineering
Edinburgh, Scotland


Professor Jamie Davies studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge in 1986. He studied at this same University and briefly at the Max Planck Institute as a postgraduate student in 1990. Professor Jamie Davies is an extensively published researcher, having published in research journals such as American Journal of Physiology, Organogenesis, Human Molecular Genetics and many others. He has written various books on tissue regeneration, morphogenesis, etc. and is on the Editorial Board for Journal of Anatomy and for Scientific Reports. He currently teaches Experimental Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh and has received many awards for his teaching.

His lecture will focus on understanding how cells organize themselves without having an overview or a master-plan of the structure they are building. This will be described in the context of embryonic development. After this, the Professor will show how understanding cellular self-organization can be very valuable in the important applied fields of synthetic biology and tissue engineering.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

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