Why Skin Care Matters: Making a Therapeutic Lotion

General Information:
Schedule: Saturday, 15h30 & 17h30
Lecturer: Flávia Sousa, PhD Student

Special requirement: Lab coat

Workshop’s Description:
If you want to know more about the Pharmacy industry and the manufacturing of drugs, this workshop is perfect for you. Get ready to work as a pharmacist and make a therapeutic cream from scratch, used to treat conditions such as Psoriasis. As if this isn’t enough, you will be able to learn how to infuse nanoparticles in the lotions you will make in the lab.

About our Lecturer:
Flávia Sousa, PhD student

  • BSc and MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde-Norte
  • PhD Student in Biomedical Sciences at ICBAS, University of Porto
  • Areas of interest: nanotechnology and nanomedicine field, drug delivery systems (DDS), structural characterization of proteins and in vitro cellular models related with angiogenesis
  • Expert in DDS formulation, in vitro cell cultures, microscopy, immunofluorescence and various analytical techniques in pharmaceutical analysis and molecular biology