Walking the Portuguese Health System

General Information:
Schedule: Sunday, 16h30

Lecturer: Filipe Basto, MD PhD

Workshop’s Description:
The Portuguese health system and national health indicators have significantly improved in the last few decades.
Although some health inequities remain, Portugal health system and the Portuguese National Health Service consistently rank among the best in the world.
In this interactive workshop we briefly walk the Portuguese Health system, describing its history and main determinants. Different case scenarios will highlight what coverage is offered, how one can use the system, and how it is organized, financed and managed. We will also compare its performance and outcomes with different health systems in Europe and the rest of the world.
We will analyze political trends and challenges in the Portuguese health system, including new patient expectations and the future vision of a “personalized medicine”, discussing its implications in the education and training of health professionals. This workshop will feature an interactive videoconference.