Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan is a Consultant Urological Surgeon with research interests in the area of kidney cancer, laparoscopy and robotic surgery, specialising in vasectomy reversal surgery.

His practice is based at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford and the Horton General Hospital, Banbury. He set up a research collaboration with Dr. Valentine Macaulay and has supervised PhD students looking into the molecular biology of kidney cancer. He is the Clinical Lead for Renal Surgery in Oxford, sits on the NCRI Renal Studies Group and SPED, the NCRI Screening Committee.

He is currently developing successful work regarding Ex-vivo Partial Nephrectomy (EPN) and Renal auto-transplantation for complex renal malignancies. In April 2012, NHS Specialised Services appointed Oxford University Hospitals as the national referral centre for ex-vivo partial nephrectomy and auto-transplantation.