Manuel Sobrinho Simões



Manuel Sobrinho Simões is a Cathedratic Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto, Director of Pathology at São João Hospital and Founder and Director of IPATIMUP.

His research has focused on gastric carcinogenesis and specially on thyroid cancer pathology: etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment selection.

One of the world’s most renowned scientists researching thyroid cancer, his papers have received more than 10.000 citations. Member of numerous scientific committees and international past president of the European Society of Pathology, Professor Sobrinho Simões was distinguished by his peers in 2015 as the world’s Most Influential Pathologist on the British journal The Pathologist.

Throughout the years, he has received a great number of awards and distinctions, namely Prémio Pessoa in 2002.

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