Basic Obstetric Ultrasound: A Hands-On Experience

General Information:
Schedule: Saturday, 15h30 & 17h30

  • Carla Ramalho, MD PhD
  • Sara Tavares, MD

Special requirements:

  • FMUP students only
  • Lab coat

Workshop’s Description:
Obstetric ultrassound is an imagiologic resource that allows specialists to observe the fetus inside the mother’s uterus with the help of ultrassounds that are not only harmless to the mother, but also to the fetus. This workshop will teach you how this technique is performed and it will also give you the opportunity to try it out.

About our Lecturers:

  • Carla Ramalho, MD PhD
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology Service, CHSJoão
    • Associate Professor at Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto
    • Graduate Assistant in Obstretics and Gynecology, CHSJoão
  • Sara Tavares, MD
    • Resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology, CHSJoão