January 1, 2017

XI YES Meeting – 2016

The eleventh edition of YES Meeting took place at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto, from the 15th to the 18th September 2016. The congress had an attendance of more than 450 biomedical students of worldwide origin who gathered in Porto for this year’s meeting.

The 11th YES Meeting Pre-Course was organized in a joint effort with Dr. Mario Raviglione, Director of the Global Tuberculosis Programme at the WHO (World Health Organization) and speaker at the 10th edition of the congress. The Global Health Day addressed many relevant issues, such as Global Health Issues, Mental Health, Epidemics & Outbreaks, and Career Opportunities in Global Health.

This year’s edition counted with the presence of two Nobel Prize laureates. Professor Harald zur Hausen was laureated with the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of human papilloma viruses causing cervical cancer. Professor Werner Arber was laureated in 1978 for his discovery of the restriction enzymes. The 11th YES Meeting also included a Lasker Award Session given by Professor Jeffrey Friedman, who received the 2010 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award for the discovery of the hormone leptin.

The 11th YES Meeting addressed one of the hottest scientific topics of the moment. In the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Session, Dr. Valentino Gantz presented the groundbreaking CRISPR technology. Furthermore, Professor Haifan Lin gave a lecture on Piwi-Interacting RNAs. The Neurosciences Session counted with the presence of Professor Nikolai Axmacher (Ruhr University Bochum), who presented his works on Alzheimer’s disease and Dr. Monica Rosenberg (Yale University), who lectured about predicting attention and behavior with whole-brain functional connectivity studies.

Moreover, this year’s edition included lectures about Interventional Cardiology delivered by Dr. Nora Lang (German Heart Center, Munich) and Dr. Bruno Oliveira (University of Cambridge). Lectures on Organoids were given by Professor Jamie Davies (University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Sylvia Boj (Hubrecht Organoid Technology Foundation). Dr. Martin Meuli (University Children’s Hospital Zurich) shared his expertise in Fetal Surgery, while Professor Juan Tovar (La Paz University Hospital) gave a general perspective of the Pediatric Surgery specialty.

Finally, there was a session on Gender Dysphoria lectured by Professor Domenico Di Ceglie (University College London), Founder and former Director of the Gender Identity Development Service of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, and Paris Lees, British journalist and international activist for the transgender community’ rights.

Download Abstract Book 2016 – 11th YES Meeting (Supplement of Volume 4, 2016 of the IJMS)