February 4, 2017

Clinical Competition

Either you come to the 12th YES Meeting as a Presenting or Non-Presenting Student, everyone will have the opportunity to participate in our brand new Clinical Competition! This session, powered by Shake It, will take place on Sunday, the 17th September.

We will debut this experience in 2017! It will consist of the presentation of curious cases in Gastroenterology, alongside with multiple choice questions that will pop in your smartphone. You should answer these correctly in the shortest time possible in order to become the winner!

The prize? A unique two-week internship in Oporto’s World Gastroenterology Organisation Training Center! There are only two of these in Europe, and you will have the chance to witness this global education network first-hand. A grant for accommodation, transportation and meals will be provided to the winner.

Do not forget to check our Clinical Competition – Policies And Procedures.